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Terrell Citizen's Police Academy

Terrell Citizens Police Academy Alumni News


Chief Lay presents the 2011 Officer of the Year award


For a donation of $20 we will place a flock of plastic pink flamingos on the lawn of a victim of your choosing for 48 hours. Send your name, the name of the victim, address of the victim, and $20 to 9863 Bob White, Terrell, TX 75161, or call 214-577-9493. For $10 you can purchase insurance to prevent someone from flocking you. The flock can only fly in the Terrell area.


Sgt Kelly accepts the Best Unit Award at the 2010 Awards Banquet from Chief Lay


Will mans his post at the 2004 Christmas Parade


Alan, Jennifer, and Ann at the monthly police cruiser servicing 


Vernon and Judy at the CiCi's Pizza fund raiser


Corp Rhitt Jackson, our TPD liason


Larry, Martha, Ann, and Hughey at the annual state CPAA convention


Officer Hanks, Alan, Janet, and Ann cleaning the police department